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The Score

Laurent"Creating original music for Copperhead provided a rare opportunity to contribute to telling the story of what is perhaps one of the most overlooked yet critical aspects of the American Civil War. Copperhead reminds us that war does not only kill and maim on the battlefield, it wounds and leaves scars on every person, every family, every community it touches. The story is deeply personal and the emotions are powerful, but it takes place at a time when emotional restraint was the norm and much was left unsaid, even in the closest family relationships. The role of the music then was to translate and convey this profound yet unspoken emotion as a continuous thread throughout the film.

Copperhead presented many gifts to me as a composer. Not only did I have rich, beautiful images and a powerful emotional landscape to work with, I also had a director who values and understands music and its importance in film. In conceiving the musical canvas for the film, Ron Maxwell and I decided to build the score around three core ideas - emotion, melody and subtlety. The objective was for the music to trace and illustrate the emotional trajectory of the characters and to bring the audience into the experience with them. Musically, I chose a classical, orchestral approach that provides a timeless quality, but that also features instruments reminiscent of the period, such as the fiddle and wooden flute, to tie the score to the historic roots of the story. Creatively, I aimed for a full and lush sound while still maintaining a certain restraint.

In scoring Copperhead, I felt a deep connection to the individuals and their personal experience of war in their lives. It is my hope that with my music I helped to give a voice to the emotional journey of the characters and to connect the audience more fully with the personal, human impact of the war at home."

Laurent Eyquem

2013 WSA Discovery of the Year Nominee

 "Copperhead may well be one of the best new scores of this year, and is an excellent display of the young composer's abilities" -- Chris Hadley, Film Score Monthly

 ''...utterly beautiful, highlighting Eyquem's skill at writing deeply emotional melodies and that capture the location, the time period..." -- Jonathan Braxton, Movie Music UK

 ''I had such a wonderful time with this score and I wasn't expecting a score so full of life, so full of emotions. I was tested every second I listened to this score, challenged not to burst into tears. Copperhead is easily one of the best orchestral scores of the year!" -- Jørn Tillnes,

 ''Exquisitely sublime, the score's themes waft gently and sorrowfully across a landscape torn by violence and heartbreak. It's an extremely heartfelt score whose emotions surface in each gathering of strings or sturdy note of trumpet, every tender caress of piano keys or filigree of woodwind...For its emotional honesty and eloquent compassion, COPPERHEAD is one of my favorite scores of the year thus far" -- Randall Larson - Randall Larson's Soundtrax

The Copperhead original motion picture soundtrack, composed and conducted by Laurent Eyquem, is now available on iTunes!


Copperhead - Soundtrack

Copperhead Soundtrack

  1. Copperhead Main Title
  2. Sunday Morning
  3. One Room Schoolhouse
  4. The Dev'l Amang The Tailors - Performed by The Barn Dance Musicians
  5. The Simple Life
  6. Avery's Porch
  7. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
  8. A Poor Beggar in This World / The Mill
  9. The World Turned Upside Down
  10. The Picnic
  11. Jeff's Decision
  12. The Enlistment
  13. Candle Light Vigil / The Simple Life
  14. Hurley's Dream / Casualties at the Front
  15. A Peaceful Man
  16. Visiting Esther
  17. No News / A Poor Beggar in This World
  18. Warner's Return
  19. Missing in Action
  20. A Time for the Sword
  21. A Fine Singer
  22. Ni Goes South
  23. The Ballot Box
  24. The World Turned Upside Down
  25. Tears / A Peaceful Man
  26. They Are Coming Tonight
  27. The Locket
  28. The Prodigal Son
  29. Sharp Shooters on the Ridge
  30. Reunion
  31. Resurrection
  32. "Slumber My Darling'" (Stephen Foster) - Sung by Marcus Bently