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“Copperhead” Cast: An Updated List, Tidbits, and Pictures

Created on 28 June 2012

abner-case11The cast for Copperhead features an outstanding international ensemble of actors and actresses who have appeared in films, television shows, on stage, or in some cases, all three. There are many reasons for people all over the world and fans of many different genres to get excited about who will be etched in the celluloid of this film that promises to show us a side of the Civil War never before seen—the story of war on the home front, where families are the featured subject, not soldiers. Below are tidbits about some of the cast-members, and then at the bottom, an updated list of the cast, where you can access their IMDB pages and see what other work they have done by clicking on their name. If you have not been following Copperhead on IMBD, I recommend that you check it out by clicking here. There is even a message board feature you could use to stir up some discussion.

Civil War film fans may recognize Billy Campbell from his roles in Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, both directed by Ron Maxwell with Kees Van Oostrum serving as cinematographer, where he played Lt. Pitzer in the former and Gen. George Pickett in the latter, acting as a last-minute replacement for Stephen Lang who went on to play Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. He is mostly remembered by fans for an ironic conversation he has with Gen. Lewis Armistead (John Prosky) in the middle of the Fredericksburg battle scenes. However, people new to the Civil War film genre will recognize Campbell from his starring role in the immensely popular AMC TV series The Killing.
Next comes Angus Macfadyen, a man who played a conflicting role in Braveheart, probably a film that everyone on the planet has seen at least once, as Robert the Bruce. Though he has more than sixty other titles to his name, he will be forever known as the Scottish noblemen who led hero William Wallace (Mel Gibson) into the trap that resulted in his death, before redeeming himself by leading Scottish rebels into a victorious battle soon after. Side note: apparently he is also really good at playing Foosball. More on that later…
The most recognizable name on the cast? Well, that would have to go to the twice Oscar-nominated Peter Fonda, both because of his immense popularity due to roles in films such as Easy Rider and 3:10 to Yuma, but also because of his legendary father, who obviously taught him well. Is it just me or can anyone else see Henry Fonda taking this same role in Copperhead had this film been made when he was alive?
And how can we forget Francois Arnaud, an actor who is going to strike a cord with younger audience members because of his starring role alongside Jeremy Irons in The Borgias. Almost all the feedback I have heard on him from fans comes from the ladies, due to the steamy character of Cesare Borgia he has played for two seasons. He will also find familiarity with working with other Copperhead cast-member Augustus Prew, who appeared in five episodes of the aforementioned series as Prince Alfonse.
Lastly, its time to play “Six Degrees of Separation”. Which two people involved with this film have a direct link to one of the greatest actors of all-time, Charlton Heston? The first would be Ron Maxwell, who was Second Assistant Director for Antony and Cleopatra (1972) which was directed by Mr. Heston himself. The second is actor Wally McKinnon, who played in a TV movie titled The Little Kidnappers, which starred Heston in 1990.