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Read Harold Frederic’s “The Copperhead” for Free Online

Created on 06 July 2012


I bet some of you are thinking, “Just how on earth do I go about getting my hands on a copy of a 100+ year old book?” Well, thanks to the glory of the Internet and online databases, you can now immerse yourself in the novel that this film was based on, titled The Copperhead, written by Harold Frederic, and published as a book in 1893 after experiencing some time as a serialized story. There are many different formats you can use, including just reading it as a PDF or downloading it to your computer or Kindle. I have waited long enough to read this, so I am now promising myself to get it done in the few days I have off next week. A frequent reader of my blog has informed me that the actual book is wonderfully written, so its not like it will be a chore to read it. I am looking forward to the excursion.

Hard copies of The Copperhead are also available on sites like Amazon, but be warned, these are scanned copies of originals, not literal reprints. This means that any deficiencies in whatever book that was scanned, such as tears or stains, will be present in the copy you purchase. Not that it would matter if you really want to read it, but it is a heads up.

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