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“Copperhead” Theme Music Arrives

Created on 06 September 2012


If you are currently reading this blog, then you are where you need to be. No additional links necessary, just turn up your speakers to hear the outstanding theme music written by Laurent Eyquem that will start playing automatically when visiting any page of this site (you may need to install QuickTime to hear it; some people have reported this). When I wrote about the music of the Civil War, and commented on soundtracks for Civil War films, last month, I had this prediction about the score for Copperhead: The War at Home: “Because there are no battle scenes here, I do not expect Eyquem’s music to be as intense, but it should definitely be as authentic as possible, haunting, and somber, but lively as well.” After listening to these few minutes, I think we can agree that the sample is definitely haunting and somber, with a hint of Celtic flavor at certain parts of it (sorry I cannot be more specific, but I am not a music expert). This music just conjures up so many emotions, one of which is thinking about all the young soldiers going off to war, so I guess you can say that this captured that essence and authenticity rather well. Also, does anyone else think that this is a little reminiscent of the main theme for Somewhere in Time? Not the whole thing, only when there is piano present. That too was a very sad melody, one that never fails to make people’s eyes water. Since the two can be compared, I suppose Eyquem’s will leave the same effect. Hats off to him for wetting all of our appetites—I can’t wait for the full soundtrack to be available!