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Thoughts After a Private Screening of “Copperhead”

Created on 20 December 2012

screening2I have just returned from the Broadway Screening Room, located in the Brill Building in New York City, after having been invited by director Ron Maxwell to a private showing of his film Copperhead, the last time it will be viewed before the picture is locked. I am very limited in what I can say about the film, but I will give you a few tidbits below. I am actually going to write my full review in the next few days and save it for the late May/early June 2013 release, since it is so fresh in my head. 



“Copperhead” Audio Locked!

Created on 16 November 2012

score3-final-224Well, ladies and gentlemen, all the “Copperhead” audio is recorded and locked! Firstly, below are two exclusive images of the cast during ADR (automated dialogue replacement) work. The first shows Josh Cruddas and the other shows Genevieve Steele…


An Interview with Actor Robbie O’Neill

Created on 25 October 2012

Robbie1As promised, I bring you another interview with a Copperhead cast-member. This conversation I had was with Robbie O’Neill, who played an Inspector. He has appeared in fifteen films over his acting career spanning more than twenty years, which includes The Fourth Floor with William Hurt and Shelley Duvall. Enjoy!


“Copperhead” Theme Music Arrives

Created on 06 September 2012

about39If you are currently reading this blog, then you are where you need to be. No additional links necessary, just turn up your speakers to hear the outstanding theme music written by Laurent Eyquem that will start playing automatically when visiting any page of this site (you may need to install QuickTime to hear it; some people have reported this).


The Intricate Detail of The “Copperhead” Set

Created on 24 August 2012

courier601Every picture is worth a thousand words (or in this case, 1131), so if you venture on over to the photo albums available on the film’s official Facebook page, you may find yourself at a loss for them. The latest photo collection, titled “The Many Faces”, gives us a close-up look at some of the many background extras from Kings Landing who are taking part in the filming. If you look closely at them, you will not see actors, no, you will see people who appear to have climbed out of an H.G Welles time-machine from the 1860′s and right into our present reality. Much like Gods and Generals and Gettysburg which used reenactors, for both soldiers and civilians, Copperhead: The War at Home is using so-called “Living Historians”, who work in a career that most history lovers would die to have: the chance to live in two different worlds on a daily basis—one at home in modern times, the other at work, in the past. The reason why these people are so important is because they do not have to be educated and trained on the mannerisms and lifestyles of the time period they are portraying, they simply have to be themselves.


War Is Once Again Desensitized and Fun

Created on 17 August 2012

dunker-church-antietam80How many American soldiers were killed fighting in our current conflict in the Middle East yesterday? How about in total over the last month? Do you know? Of course not! Why? Because no one bothers to report the casualty figures anymore. It was a television mainstay during Vietnam, where people could sit in their living room and witness the horrific pictures and numbers being broadcast right into their  homes. 


History Spotlight: Revelry, Sadness, and the Music of the American Civil War

Created on 09 August 2012


courier602During wartime, we tend to only focus on the vast differences separating the two fighting factions, such as political or religious beliefs, and lifestyles, among many other aspects one can argue about. What we tend to forget is that soldiers are human. They each come from a family and have loved ones waiting for them to return. No one wants to talk about how deep down, we are more alike than different, as we all tend to find pleasures and enjoyment in many of the same things.


“Copperhead” Gets Name Change; Adds “The War at Home”

Created on 08 August 2012

copperhead-poster-formattedWith post-production underway, the title of Copperhead has now been changed to more accurately reflect the subject matter, as it is now Copperhead: The War at Home. This is definitely a fitting change and one more specific to general audiences as now you do not need to be a fan of history or the Civil War to at least have an idea of what the film is about. This is a timeless tale of the effects of war on the homefront, a situation that is not isolated to the Civil War alone—every war, no matter what the time period in history, produces the same effects of families torn apart by a violent struggle. While one rages on the battlefields, another one rages on at home.

History Spotlight: States’ Rights and the Sacred Soil of 1860′s America

Created on 07 August 2012

courier603Before the opening credits began to roll on Ron Maxwell’s previous Civil War film Gods and Generals, a quote appears on the screen authored by George Eliot, which was actually a pen name for British novelist Mary Anne Evans, who thought her work would only be taken seriously if the public thought it was written by a man. This quote could be seen as a literary equivalent to the basis of the states’ rights movement, which was one of the many causes contributing to the boiling point and outbreak of the American Civil War. We may laugh at the sentiment today, but land to people in America was once sacred.


“Copperhead” Week Five Video Update

Created on 30 July 2012

courier-103Here it is, the long-awaited video update for the fifth week of filming for Copperhead! Filming has since wrapped up and they are currently in the post-production stages. This is probably the best, most informative one yet, as we get a chance to hear from some of the main actors in the film, including the star, Billy Campbell. Click here for the YouTube Link, or visit the “Media” page located on this website. Enjoy!

You Know You’re Obsessed with The Civil War When…

Created on 17 July 2012

courier-104I know what you’re thinking: you’re the biggest Civil War buff on the planet, right? You consider yourself a hardcore fanatic, who eats, sleeps, and breathes Civil War. Well, maybe there are a few things for you to ponder before you declare yourself king. Reenactors notwithstanding, because those people really are in a world of their own, this list is designed to draw the line between the casual reader/enthusiast and the obsessed!