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Created on 14 August 2013

 "[W]ell researched, intellectually admirable, and beautifully photographed . . . Based on the novel by 19th-century historian Harold Frederic, Copperhead has a screenplay by Bill Kauffman that resonates with astounding facts and observations. The natural settings of New York in 1862, filmed at Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada, are so unfiltered through the lens of time that you could swear the Civil War was still taking place within firing distance. From the stark house paints to the bucket benches and redware milk jugs, the sets are authentic, filled with priceless antiques. The cinematography has the museum quality of colonial oil paintings. . . . If every war has more than one side, this story of one man who dares to stand against the tide of history has a contemporary relevance that remains uncontested." -- Rex Reed, New York Observer

  "intriguing as a study of just how hard it is to hold an unpopular opinion without being demonized and abused" -- Matt Zoller Seitz,

 "I highly recommend seeing the film" -- Charles Cummings, American Civil War Today 

 "Director Ron Maxwell, whose previous Civil War dramas include Gettysburg (1993) and Gods and Generals (2003), has created a beautifully filmed period piece" -- Nav Qateel, Influx Magazine

 "Maxwell's film does an excellent job of portraying the plight of a thoughtful man hedged about by an unreasoning community" -- George McCartney, Chronicles

"Maxwell has done it again. Copperhead is a thoughtful look at the politics of the war far away from the lines in upstate New York...Like his other moves: beautiful, well done, and thoughtful. Five stars" -- John Kranz, Three Sources

"4 out of 5 stars for being unique, timely, and well played" -- Kathleen L. Maher, History Repeats Itself

"There's...more to think about here than you'll find in any special-effects-driven summer blockbuster. This is a thought-provoking and well-made film, one well worth seeing" -- Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative

"Ron Maxwell has done it extraordinarily powerful film" -- Jeffrey Tucker, Laissez Faire Book Club

"an instant classic" -- Joel Poindexter, Tenth Amendment Center

"This is a war movie that neither sanitizes war nor pornographies it. This is a war movie set far away from the war, in upstate New York to be precise -- just as all of our wars today are far away from all 50 states. It's an unpredictable movie, an engaging movie, a personal drama that makes the Civil War and the politics surrounding it more comprehensible than a gazillion tours of battlefields or hours of PBS specials." -- David Swanson, War is a

 "The film mirrors our own time: do we tolerate dissent, especially during a war? And it also reminds us to be ever vigilant for tyranny by the majority. The ideals of democracy are not always easy to abide by. This film puts a human angle on the Civil War and encourages us all to contemplate 'the empty chair,' both then and now." -- Patricia Ann Owens, Film-Forward

"Copperhead is a beautiful looking movie that leaves space for consideration of matters of morality and politics." -- Joe Tyrrell, New Jersey Newsroom

"a smart, thoughtful screenplay by Bill Kauffman . . . Angus Macfadyen . . . dominates every scene in which he appears . . . Ron Maxwell's film will prove entertaining and thought-provoking . . . a drama with real ideas about patriotism and dissent in times of conflict. It is a worthy entry in our growing list of Civil War cinema." -- Christopher Schobert, The Playlist

"Copperhead is visually instant classic...If you only spend your money on one film this summer, and are the type of person who wants to come away from the theater really pondering what you've just watched, this is the film for you" -- Breakaway Daily

 "This is a movie well worth seeing...for its accurate depiction of the times, its rich narrative, and the unique, rarely discussed subject matter" -- James Simpson, PJ Media

  "The carefully crafted script, knowledgeable director, and perfect costuming make Copperhead a great entry into the pantheon of Civil War movies." -- Zach Mandell, Movie Room Reviews

 "There is nothing in film history like Copperhead, in which war is seen to chip away at the foundation of a community and drive wedges of enmity between those who should have been at peace. It is a great lesson about what the fever of war can do to anyone...I highly recommend this film" -- Norman Horn,

 "This film, the latest Civil War-era historical drama from director Ron Maxwell, goes to the one place where "Gettysburg" and "Gods and General" didn't: Home. Bill Campbell plays a Northern farmer who can't stomach the thought of a war between the states: he sits out the war, drawing the ire-and worse-from his passionate neighbors. It's a terrific film, anchored by Campbell's slow-burn performance." -- Erich Van Dussen, Fairport-East Rochester Post (Gatehouse Media)

 "Copperhead is not another Lincoln hagiography, but a film about love of place, love of the Constitution, and the difficulty of following the Nazarene's injunction to love one's neighbor. That is the film's great contribution." -- Christopher Orlet, The American Spectator

 "Hollywood has never given us more than a superficial look at the homefront during the Civil War, thus making Copperhead a long overdue and much welcomed addition...a wonderfully told story that lays bare the emotions of that turbulent time...beautifully filmed" -- Larry Alexander, Lancaster (PA) Sunday News

 "Director Ron Maxwell follows up his classic Civil War films, Gettysburg and Gods & Generals, with a powerful, intimate drama about the war's impact in upstate New York, far from the battlefields" -- Parade

 "Copperhead the movie makes you think...It's worth seeing"

--Bruce Ramsey, Seattle Times

 "Maxwell and his cinematographer, Kees Van Oostrum, do a fantastic job...The original score by Laurent Eqyuem is very beautiful, and haunting...Copperhead is a powerful film...highly recommend[ed]" -- Steven Hancock, Civil War Diary

  "Copperhead is a beautifully made, thoughtful movie"

-- Bradley Keyes, Strike the Root

  "a wonderful movie to watch with the family" -- Sami K. Martin, Christian Post

  "beautiful, poignant"-- Martha M. Boltz, Washington Times

   "Copperhead is a Civil War drama without bloodshed, blazing muskets or epic battle sequences. Its story is more quiet, but no less profound."

-- Christian Toto, Breitbart/Big Hollywood

 "Fascinating...thought-provoking....compel[s] us to examine our own assumptions about both a tragic historical event and about narrative conventions"

-- John P. McCarthy, America

 "tells a desperately important story"-- Debbie Holloway, Crosswalk

 "Billy Campbell delivers a wonderfully understated performance"

-- W. James Antle III, The Daily Caller

 "offers uncommon insights"-- Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

 "fascinating and compelling...You have never seen a movie like Copperhead"

-- Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

 "emotionally powerful...the acting is superb"-- Movieguide

 "This is a movie with a script that is for a change equal to the complicated politics of the dangerous moment it explores"

-- Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner, Swans Commentary

"beautiful and well-acted"-- Shay Lynn Lynch, Red Carpet Crash

 "Its subtle intensity pulls you in, making you care about these people and what happens to them" -- Hannah Goodwyn, CBN

 "After directing two epic Civil War films in Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, Ron Maxwell with Copperhead narrows his focus to a small community in upstate New York but delivers a film as tense and combustible as any of his battle films..." -- Michael Leaser, World Magazine

 Now and Then: Hollywood's Civil War Obsession