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Laurent Eyquem to Score “Copperhead” Soundtrack

Created on 12 July 2012

Eyquem100With every film comes the person that will compose its soundtrack, something I consider to be absolutely essential to a movie’s success, because it sets the tone and establishes the mood we are in throughout. There are only a select few movies that I consider my favorites that do not have a memorable score, so you can see how important the music is to me. The man who will be responsible for scoring Copperhead is Bordeaux, France-native Laurent Eyquem, who has 14 film credits as a composer to his name, all since 2008 (he has five that are in production as we speak, one of which is a WWII film about the USS Indianapolis).


History Spotlight: The Human Element of the Civil War

Created on 11 July 2012

courier110Whenever we think about the American Civil War, perhaps we look back to the old, foggy black-and-white images and yellowed pages of history textbooks that we were forced to study in school, or even the idea of such that has been forced down our throats because history is generally seen as a boring subject, full of nothing but names, dates, and rote memorization. Maybe, when you look at the picture of a soldier who fought in the War Between the States, you see him as just another part of that boredom, because after all, he existed 150 years ago and is long gone—perhaps his distant relatives themselves do not even know where their ancestry crossed paths. But behind that way of thinking, there is something much, much deeper. That soldier, whose eyes you can stare into, if you so choose, was a living, breathing, thinking human being. He played as a child and worked as an adult, just like every single one of us. The major difference, aside from the times, is that he happened to get caught up in our nation’s greatest internal conflict, one that literally pitted brothers against brothers, and in some even rarer, more tragic instances, fathers against sons.


Read Harold Frederic’s “The Copperhead” for Free Online

Created on 06 July 2012

copperhead-book2RI bet some of you are thinking, “Just how on earth do I go about getting my hands on a copy of a 100+ year old book?” Well, thanks to the glory of the Internet and online databases, you can now immerse yourself in the novel that this film was based on, titled The Copperhead, written by Harold Frederic, and published as a book in 1893 after experiencing some time as a serialized story. There are many different formats you can use, including just reading it as a PDF or downloading it to your computer or Kindle. I have waited long enough to read this, so I am now promising myself to get it done in the few days I have off next week. A frequent reader of my blog has informed me that the actual book is wonderfully written, so its not like it will be a chore to read it. I am looking forward to the excursion.


“Copperhead” Production Shots Fresh from the Set

Created on 30 June 2012

maxwell-shipley1The filming of Copperhead came to a conclusion two days ago at the Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada after a 32 day shoot that began on May 16. It has been very exciting seeing this project develop, but that fun will only continue as the film hits the editing stages in post-production.


History Spotlight: The Copperhead Movement Comes to New Jersey

Created on 29 June 2012

courier34Part of the reason why I started The Copperhead Chronicles over on my own blog and have been doing “History Spotlights” here on the Copperhead Courier was to expand our knowledge on a subject that very rarely gets any mention, or taught in schools, if not for maybe a one sentence fragment in the biased history textbooks we make our young students slave over. This subject is a general anti-war, anti-Lincoln movement in the northern states, more specifically falling to a political group known as the Copperheads, which will have prominence in Ron Maxwell’s film, which just wrapped up filming at Kings Landing in New Brunswick this week. Many in this ultra-politically correct world cannot fathom any northerner being against the so-called “Great Emancipator” or the war he waged, and unfortunately, many do not even get the chance to give it much thought.


“Copperhead” Cast: An Updated List, Tidbits, and Pictures

Created on 28 June 2012

abner-case11The cast for Copperhead features an outstanding international ensemble of actors and actresses who have appeared in films, television shows, on stage, or in some cases, all three. There are many reasons for people all over the world and fans of many different genres to get excited about who will be etched in the celluloid of this film that promises to show us a side of the Civil War never before seen—the story of war on the home front, where families are the featured subject, not soldiers. Below are tidbits about some of the cast-members, and then at the bottom, an updated list of the cast, where you can access their IMDB pages and see what other work they have done by clicking on their name. If you have not been following Copperhead on IMBD, I recommend that you check it out by clicking here. There is even a message board feature you could use to stir up some discussion.


History Spotlight: A Copperhead Poem from a Union Soldier

Created on 27 June 2012

courier130The best way to understand the history of anything, especially a controversial one like the northern Copperhead movement, is to take a look at the first-hand accounts written by the people who were alive at the time, and not hold them to the same judgmental standards we have in today’s world. While this poem below cannot be taken as a history lesson, per se, because of the obvious bias it holds, it does a good job in giving us some insight into the creative mind of a Union soldier in the 6th New York Artillery, the same state where the film Copperhead takes place.


Meet Ron Maxwell, the Director of “Copperhead”

Created on 26 June 2012

courier140Ron Maxwell, the director of Copperhead, is a man of many different labels. Some refer to him simply as a director, while others want words such as “artist” or “historian” to hold more prominence over his work. Pick whichever one you like, but for me, he would be all of the above. We first got into contact with each other last July, because I had been covering the release of the Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut on my blog for quite some time, since the film was a favorite of mine, and I, like many, had waited eight years to see it the way it was meant to be seen. 


Copperhead Themes: What is the Price of Dissent?

Created on 25 June 2012

courier-152ADissent: often scorned, sometimes praised, always misunderstood. The American Civil War is sometimes called the Second American Revolution or the Second War of Independence, yet the American Revolution is never referred to as our country’s first Civil War. And why not? One could argue that the situation was exactly the same, and that is the people wanting to remove themselves from a ruler they deemed as tyrannical. Don’t think Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant? Well, there were plenty of people who didn’t think King George III was either.


Q & A with Actor Josh Cruddas

Created on 23 June 2012

courier153When the producers of Copperhead signed Josh Cruddas, they probably did not realize they were getting someone with so many talents. A 21-year-old up-and-coming actor of many different mediums such as theater, radio, television, and film, as well as writing music, the Canadian-born Cruddas now finds himself involved in the biggest project of his young career, fresh off a performance in the critically acclaimed Discovery Channel production Titanic: The Aftermath. For his latest venture, in Ron Maxwell’s Civil War feature, he plays the character of Jimmy, through which the story is told. I had the pleasure of speaking to Josh about his filming experiences so far, and he elaborated on his role, acting method, and much more in our interview!


History Spotlight: Who Were the Copperheads?

Created on 21 June 2012

courier311As we near the end of filming for Ron Maxwell’s Copperhead, I thought it best to explain just what exactly a Copperhead is, because this is going to be a film dealing with a portion of the Civil War that has never been tackled on film, and a nearly forgotten part of our American history in itself. We have all seen the battlefields and men dying, and even the politics behind it, and why certain things happened the way they did, but what of the anti-war movement in the north, yes, the north, of all places?